NewTec’s Client fiKks Gets a High Rating on Personal Finance App

Personal finance apps demand is growing annually. Each year more people seek financial counselling to end their growing household debt. The quickest solution comes in Android apps offered freely on the Google app store. One such free personal finance app is NewTec’s client, fiKks, which recently received an excellent evaluation by Dutch review site Android …

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NewTec Fifth Work Anniversary for Team of Superheroes

Each year in NewTec someone has a fifth work anniversary. Our special team of superheroes grows with time. This year the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat changed our plans. There were no usual celebrations. Nonetheless, the superhero team received Fifth Work Anniversary awards… differently. Since we all moved to work from home, we had trouble making …

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Virtual New Year’s Eve Party

The First Virtual New Year’s Eve Party for Employees hosted by NewTec

There are many ways to wish someone a happy New Year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems the social distance moved each event associated with festive spirit online. Nonetheless, NewTec found a way to make it to the homes of our employees instead of organizing the annual party in the office, with Virtual New …

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Vouchers for NewTec Solutions youngest

People in NewTec Solutions love December month in our company, as we organize a lot of nice events for them. 
Among all, the special happening is when Santa Claus brings Dexy Co gift cards for our good kids. In other words, we know it is a real time for socializing, celebration and gifts. 

mobile development

NewTec Solutions, Conveo Solutions and Ascrion

NewTec Solutions company has completed the first phase of the development of TalkB2B, V3 in cooperation with Conveo Solutions and Ascrion. This is our new client from Germany, with many years of experience in the field of event management and the organisation of brokerage events.

iphone development

Wijkie – Our New Client mobile app development

NewTec Solutions company has completed development of the Wijkie application for the Dutch market. The team of 5 iOS developers worked on this great mobile application. We are proud that our client Wijkie has chosen our company to work on this amazing project.

New Fitness health app FitTrakker

NewTec Solutions company is engaged on development of new application FitTrakker for the client PhysioZone from Croatia. Our team of 6 people is developing a mobile and smart watch applications for iOS and Android. FitTrakker health and fitness application has many advantages. It can help everyone to loose weight, gain more stamina, improve energy and …

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Free website for technical school Kolubara

Students of the technical school Kolubara founded a company called PIPO. The company manufactures devices for automated watering of flowers. Five students from the Kolubara Technical School run this company. They plan to produce 15 devices per day. The color and shape will  depend on the client’s requirements. After winning the Regional competition of student companies, they are diligently preparing for the competition that will take place in May, from 19th to 21st, in Novi Sad.

Santa Claus arrives in NewTec Solutions

There is Santa Claus arriving again in our company NewTec Solutions. We have organized a Secret Santa party and nice gifts for our people. 

Our colleague Igor was Santa Claus and with his great sense of  humor made everyone feel happy and enjoy this day. We started with the opening of the presents, however after a while, all our people moved to the premises of our sister company TNation.

High school students visit to NewTec Solutions

Students of  High school “Patriarh Pavle” from Belgrade, visited our company NewTec Solutions last week. They had a list of questions and topics for our professionals. The most interesting question is what they should know in order to make the first website.

NewTec Solutions on The Second Half Marathon in Ruma

On Sunday, August 25, 2019 The Second Romanian Half Marathon was held. This year, there were representatives from our company NewTec Solutions, Filip Popovic, Stefan Damjanovic and Tihana Leskur. The half marathon was taking place in Ruma. Stefan Damjanovic, in his hometown, Ruma, was a host of this competition.

mobile development

Mobile application development for leadership skills

NewTec Solutions and BrainON had again a very successful cooperation. Namely, they have worked together on development of an attractive mobile application, for a Swedish client Astrakan.
The Idea of this educational application is to help users develop their leadership skills.

Secret Santa in NewTec Solutions

Secret Santa is a traditional event we organise every year in our company NewTec Solutions.
It is a New Year happening in which people of our company are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift.
The identity of the gift giver is to remain a secret and should not be revealed.
This time, there was a Santa Claus with us, and our dear colleague Zoki found himself in the role of Santa Claus.