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Christmas Tale of Online Holiday Tree Contest

A Christmas Tale of how NewTec and TNation Organized Holiday Tree Contest

The past year was marked as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. A year which took away all sorts of the usual group activity from many companies. So, we decided to make the year-end with better stories. Instead of remembering the social distancing, we wanted to start a New Year on the fun side. Together with TNation, NewTec organized an online Christmas Tree contest.

The idea was to get the coworkers to send photos of their dazzling holiday trees. By the middle of December 2020, we received more than 30 applications. The post asking people to vote was published on TNation’s Facebook page. And so, the competition began…

We were clever enough not to publish the names of the Christmas Tree owners, but they knew. The post’s engagement grew each day. People were commenting on a post, and hitting the “like” button.


Needless to say, there were some childish moments. Competing with colleagues brings out the child within. The new virtual world did not seem to affect what was going on. We kept socializing and interacting with people that we work with on a daily basis.

Competition was tough

In the end, the competition was tough. Each tree was tastefully decorated and displayed. Twinkling star tops and globe ornaments were shining bright this year. But somehow that winning tree was a mystery until the end of December.

On 24th December we selected a winner from each company based on the most votes. The first-place prizes received a Pandora charm “Family Roots.” The two companies chose the gift as the true meaning of what Christmas is about – family. Our colleagues Maja and Bojana received a present to place under beautiful trees. 


Finally, the competition had more contestants with a significant number of votes. Both companies prepared more gifts for extra winners. Goran received a gift box of Štark’s pralines, as sweet as his holiday tree. Bojan and Zoran received a delicious surprise delivered on their doorstep on the day of New Year’s Eve.

We sent them Santa-like donuts from Slatkoteka.