NewTec’s Client fiKks Gets a High Rating on Personal Finance App

Personal finance apps demand is growing annually. Each year more people seek financial counselling to end their growing household debt. The quickest solution comes in Android apps offered freely on the Google app store. One such free personal finance app is NewTec’s client, fiKks, which recently received an excellent evaluation by Dutch review site Android Planet. 

The financial app design has the specific purpose of keeping household finances in check. In addition, the application helps people resolve their debt by choosing a personal “buddy” out of 940 volunteers as a financial advisor. Currently, approximately 5000 users with financial worries are already using the fiKks app.

Users can anonymously communicate with certified counsellors or “buddies” and solve their financial problems. As stated by fiKks, more than 20% of all Dutch households have problematic debts. 

The NewTec Solutions mobile team worked collaboratively with Sosialforce for six years. A few days ago, Ron Bruinen, Product Manager from fiKks, announced the review score on his LinkedIn account. Dutch review site Android Planet claimed the financial assistance app was a great initiative and rated it with eight out of ten points. 

Bruinene is satisfied with the review and is thankful to all the participants who contributed to its development, including the NewTec mobile app development team. Nikola, Mladen, Ana, Bojan and Vojislav have nothing but praise for their teamwork and cooperation with other companies.

Vojislav Ilić, the NewTec Solutions team leader, shared an interesting fact about the application. “The client had the privilege to present the app to Dutch queen, who praised the company for this socially useful product.” 

Mobile apps have the power to influence everyday lives. Most of them are pure entertainment, but the ones that make a change in the world and help people resolve their daily struggles are that much more valuable. 

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