New Fitness health app FitTrakker

NewTec Solutions company is engaged on development of new application FitTrakker for the client PhysioZone from Croatia.

Our team of 6 people is developing a mobile and smart watch applications for iOS and Android.


FitTrakker health and fitness application has many advantages. It can help everyone to loose weight, gain more stamina, improve energy and power. However, with this application every person will have a better overall understanding of physiology and own progress. Therefore, there is a combination of heart rate and GPS map.

It shows the exact energy or physiology zone in every part of someone training path. In one word, FitTrakker is suitable for activities ranging from causal walks to professional workouts.
To conclude, the FitTrakker app includes parameters for the weather conditions, training media (water, land) to provide the most accurate calorie burn information.

Our clients’ vision is to become the industry leader in developing software, applications and devices for determining individual’s physiology zones. As well as for a precision individualized training.
NewTec Solutions company will make the best to help them achieve their goal.