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We can be a powerful addon to your in-house team

Expand or supplement your in-house staff with skilled and experienced software experts. Start a completely new service or just add more individuals to your existing local team – outsourcing Serbia (or nearshoring Serbia) with lower development costs. 

Your new team will be based in Belgrade, Serbia, located in a sophisticated, modern A-level office building, performing required tasks at a lower cost with no overhead for you. The staff is recruited, employed, and monitored by NewTec Solutions, and fully dedicated to work for you, as a part of your production, management, training and all other processes.

Nearshore outsourcing can offer several benefits to businesses, including:

Cultural familiarity: Nearshore outsourcing partners are likely to have a similar culture and business environment, which can make communication and collaboration easier.

Time zone overlap: Working with nearshore outsourcing partners can allow for overlapping work hours, which can facilitate real-time communication and collaboration.

Proximity: Nearshore outsourcing partners are closer geographically, which can make it easier to travel and meet in person if needed.

Cost savings: Nearshore outsourcing can often be more cost-effective than offshore outsourcing, as the cost of living and labor may be lower in the outsourcing destination.

No Minimum Time is Requred

Short-term outsourcing refers to relationships or projects that are intended to last for a specific, limited period of time. It can be a useful option for businesses that need to quickly ramp up capacity or access specialized skills for a specific project or task. Some benefits of short-term engagements include:

Short-term engagements offer flexibility and allow businesses to scale up or down as needed, without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees or entering into long-term contracts.

Short-term engagements can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees or entering into long-term contracts, as they do not require the same level of investment in benefits or overhead costs.

Short-term engagements can provide access to specialized skills and expertise that may not be available in-house.

Short-term engagements can allow businesses to quickly ramp up capacity and resources to meet specific needs or goals, which can increase efficiency and productivity.

Short-term engagements can help businesses to manage risk by allowing them to test out new ideas or partnerships before committing to a long-term relationship.

Overall, short-term engagements can be a useful option for businesses that need flexible, cost-effective solutions for specific projects or tasks.


Reason for outsourcing to Serbia and software development & mobile app development represents cost reductions without making any compromise on quality of services. Serbia provides an effective and upfront solution for cost-effective IT growth.

Key benefits for outsourcing to Serbia:

  • Education system – Serbia offers a classical technical and social sciences education system which is highly appreciated and recognized internationally. Students take part in a wide spectrum of studies and they show outstanding logical related results which are very important in providing successful outsourcing services.
  • Mathematical mastery – Serbia has confidence and self-respect as expressed by strong mathematical and logical background which is reflected in powerful education system.
  • Culture diversity – People in Serbia have an impressive understanding of western culture, both from business and private perspectives. Therefore, verbal and written communication is a greatly enjoyable experience.
  • Communication – The English language is eight years mandatory in the Serbian schooling system. The media are widely represented in the English language.
  • Great transport connections – Direct regular flights from almost all European cities enable clients to easily access our headquarters in Belgrade.
  • Neighborhood – To reach Belgrade it takes two and a half hours from most major  European cities (London 2h 30 mins, Berlin 1h 45 mins, Amsterdam 2h 45 mins)

Other advantages:

  • Serbia is proving to be one of the leading investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, in 2007 has been granted the City of the Future for Southern Europe by FDI Magazine. Considered criteria: cost effectiveness, IT and telecommunications, transport, economic potential, human resources, quality of life and FDI promotion.
  • Serbia is a candidate for EU membership. All relevant political parties and opposition are harmonized with regard to foreign policies and it promises long lasting political stability.
  • Serbia become the best performer in 2011 in Southeast Europe, since foreign direct investments were total USD 2.71bn.

According to the Huffington Post Statements, Dated 9/12/2016:

  • “Belgrade is becoming a hot-spot for tech enterprises, offering skillful programmers with superb English, at lower hourly rates
  • Only in 2015 Serbia exported EUR 678,3 million of software services and it is estimated that 30.000 programmers would be able to start working immediately
  • The research results of Serbian ICT sector show that there is a constant demand for junior and senior professionals alike, for this reason the plan of StartIT community to educate 100.000 young leaders across 12 cities in Serbia by 2020 has got the biggest backing in the history of regional funding campaigns and it is considered to be fully viable”

Our Location

Belgrade is on a maximum of 2 hours flight to the most major cities in Europe.

To most of these cities there are daily direct flights.

Belgrade is becoming a hot-spot for tech enterprises, offering skillful programmers with superb English, at lower hourly rates.

According to the Huffington post statements​.

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