Free website for technical school Kolubara

Representatives of the technical school Kolubara from Lazarevac, visited our company NewTec Solutions yesterday. We have spent the day together trying to introduce them with all aspects of work in our company. Our professional web team has created a website for them.


Students of the technical school Kolubara founded a company called PIPO. The company manufactures devices for automated watering of flowers. Five students from the Kolubara Technical School run this company. They plan to produce 15 devices per day. The color and shape will  depend on the client’s requirements. After winning the Regional competition of student companies, they are diligently preparing for the competition that will take place in May, from 19th to 21st, in Novi Sad.


The company NewTec Solutions decided to give them a free website for their product. We are very happy that we are in position to help this young organization.


We wish them luck in their future work!