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Radio S – Music Hits in Motion

Belgrade Radio S, one of the most popular media stations is available to listen while in the motion – via application for Android mobile phones. This free application – Gift of Radio S to its listeners, was developed by NewTec Solutions.
While popular music hits guaranteed to enjoy, applications provides many opportunities to communicate with the radio DESK. Either from a direct call for inclusion on the air, through sending SMS messages,  or like communication via e-mail. There are also the latest news, program schedule and playlists of the recent tracks. While listening to music, the application will provide you with information about the most popular radio shows and their speakers.
For wake-up, there is an alarm function and the timer that allows application to go off in the selected time.
Besides the music from Radio S station, you can also enjoy in the sounds from Radio Pingvin or Gradski radio, simply by selecting the stream.

Application can be downloaded from Google Play on this link

We wish you many hours of enjoyment with the Radio S app!