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Pencil still drawing with the heart

Unusual art auction was held last Friday at the hotel Šumadija, with more than 50 images presented by children – the authors. The story is certainly deeper than that, and start from elementary school Miloje Pavlović. It is a school for children with special needs who have difficulty in learning and development. In order to improve the quality of work with these kids, this school have a urgent need for the stimulation room – equipment that stimulating effect on children with disabilities, which encourages the development of motor skills, senses and other abilities.

The school have no fundings to purchase this special equipment for a room like this, organized a donor evening which was held at the art auction. Authors images were just children who attend this school , and in an appropriate atmosphere of the hotel and even happier that the program was led by Dejan Pantelic, gathered around a fifth of the necessary funds.

With the support of the media TV Prva and Lepota i zdravlje magazine, pictures bought numerous companies, but – auction is not completed. On the school website ( that is donated by NewTec Solutions to support the action, an online auction of remaining pictures still going on.

We call on all people and companies of good will to join us in this auction. On the same site you can find all the information about the equipment to be purchased, as well as information about the funds collected and the school can be contacted directly by email  or phone 063 83 11 585