Iphone and Android application for Municipality of The Hague

NewTec Solutions and Sosialforce have developed a mobile application for the client Municipality of the Hague from Holland.

The SamenHaagse Makker application is part of the integration program SamenHaagse of the Municipality of The Hague. The SamenHaags helps newcomers to integrate better in The Hague. The purpose of this application is easy access for the users.  The focus was on clear visualisations that make it clear at a glance what something means. Because of that, the benefits for users are short and powerful terms and step-by-step guidance through the registration process.

During 2018 our mobile app SamenHaags, developed for the municipality of Hague, has been awarded with the golden mark for security. The Hague Municipality has hired a number of experts on security and user acceptance.  We have passed all the criteria.
Considering the high standards in terms of security and user acceptance, NewTec Solutions had the honor to participate in tender. In other words,we compete with one of the best service providers on the market.
The SamenHaags application is socially responsible. The main goal of the application is to guide and encourage users to fully participate in the city life. In the application, users can also play word game which helps them with learning Dutch language. Also, it helps learning Hague customs and habits.

Above all, we are proud on our team of 5 people, who have developed a mobile application for Android and for iPhone.

More info you can get in this tutorial: