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Electronic Board Sessions and Voting System

NewTec Solutions web team has successfully developed and implemented web solution for Electronic Board Sessions and Voting System for our valuable and regular client Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of FPRY, an NGO funded by EU.

An electronic board meeting system is a software tool that is used to create and organize online board meetings. This platform is designed to assist with the preparation and follow-up stages of session as well as the session itself, and its purpose is to enhance group effectiveness and efficiency.

System enables session host (secretary)to automate repeatable actions in organizing of an online meeting and enhance collaboration among participants working toward predefined agenda.

Board meeting system organizes the process of a meeting by an electronic agenda which structures the activities of a meeting by topic and chronology. From the agenda, the host of the meeting invites (starts) the participants to contribute to the activities.

These activities include:

Download and read the meeting materials, read and leave comments, and Vote for each topic individually.
Also, each member can access archive of previous sessions at any time.

An electronic discussion using structured comments mechanism, enables a much more friendly exchange of an arguments in shorter time. Interpersonal conflicts are minimized, and pressure reduced. Electronic board sessions also increases interactivity and participation by parallel discussions to the topics, and it reduces questions unresolved during the meeting, while making sessions more productive and efficient.

Board meeting system supports asynchronous meetings and it increases participants availability in a predefined timeframe in which the participants are free to contribute. Board members access session from their own computers at the time that suits them best, which avoids travel time and cost.

Host of the meeting benefits with:

– Simply and user friendly board session organization tool

– Easy quorum monitoring

– Real time session and voting analysis

– Sophisticated session and voting statistics by topics and board members

– Simplified organization of meeting process

– Automatic and comprehensive documentation

This solution can be applied to any organization that uses board meetings and voting system as decision making mechanism.