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Our experienced designers not only guarantee attractiveness and visual authenticity but also the adaptability of the design to all devices (responsiveness) and all browsers. Mobile devices have precedence over desktop computers and if the website is not adapted to all devices, it will be difficult to position well on search engines.

Analysis and development

Selecting the best theme and plugins is very important for the functioning of the website and its positioning on the web search engines. A proven theme and premium plugins provide a perfect combination that guarantees good results and faster page loading times compared to competitors. Premium themes and plugins provide some text, charts, or comparisons, etc. that can be useful for enhancing the functionality and performance of the website. It's important to carefully research and choose themes and plugins that are well-rated, regularly updated, and compatible with your website's needs in order to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

analysis & development


In addition to manual testing, every one of our websites undergoes a thorough test using the most well-known tools for measuring website performance. These tools allow us to identify any potential issues with the website's speed, stability, and overall performance, and take steps to fix them as needed. By regularly testing and optimizing the server and website, we can ensure that our users have a smooth and enjoyable experience when they visit our site.

Hosting & Monitoring

A stable and optimized server is a prerequisite for good website performance. The security and stability of the hardware environment in which the website is hosted is the main mission of our admin team.

All of our websites are constantly monitored, which guarantees maximum availability of your website and a quick response in case of any problems. This monitoring helps us identify and address any issues that may arise with the server or website, ensuring that your visitors can access the site without disruption.

hosting & monitoring
maintenance & update

Maintenance & Update

The widespread use of WordPress websites also carries a significant risk of attacks. The WordPress community effectively combats potential threats by regularly updating WP plugins and informing website administrators about them. We strive to timely apply the recommended updates to all of the websites we maintain and minimize the risk of malicious activities. It is important for website administrators to stay vigilant and keep their WordPress installations and plugins up to date in order to protect their websites from potential security vulnerabilities.