Discobolos for Tehnicom Computers

22. 12. 2011.

On Tuesday, 20 December in the Old Palace of the Belgrade City Assembly JISA held the award ceremony for "Diskobolos 2011" award. The winner of this year's prestigious statue in the category of "Projects" is Tehnicom Computers - Web Solutions, with project "Online session system" for the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.
The names of the competitors are talking about fierce competition in this category: Telecom RS from Banja Luka, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Podgorica, University "Singidunum" and others. Nela Deura, marketing director addressed the audience on behalf of Tehnicom Computers.
System for "Online Sessions" is a web application developed in LAMP technology, and allows the organization of meetings at predetermined agenda, thematically and chronologically. The system was handed over to the client in April this year.
More details on the "Online session system" can be found in our earlier news.

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