Android Application development in progress - GPS Fleet management System

15. 07. 2011.

Tehnicom Solutions Android team started with the development of Android application that is part of fleet management system for the company Técnicas deIngeniería SL of Spain.

Técnicas de Ingeniería SL, with its GesInFlot fleet management solution stands for the leader in this part of Europe, and our team is engaged for the development of mobile applications, whose purpose is the improvement of logistics and communication between the system and the offender.

The application will be adapted to work on tablet devices based on Android OS2.2 and higher, and the terms of reference includes four key parts:
-  Adjusting of tablet devices for serial communication with external devices in the vehicle and collect data from various sources (Black Box )
- Communication with the device in terms of collecting and submitting  data to the application server
- Communications between headquarters and the employee
- Download information processed with the application server and  its display on the tablet device.

In addition to the default options, some additional features that are available because of the of the devices will be developed such as barcode scanner, a signature module etc.

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